Now you may be wondering what an ATV is, well simply put it is an all-terrain vehicle. Now these are what you would see off road, for example a quad bike. They are motorized vehicles that are designed to move on low-pressure tires which there are four of, it will also have a seat that the operator straddles, and for control of steering it will have handle bars. Now when it comes to the ATV there are two types, these subdivisions are decided by the manufacturer and are I ATVrsquo;s which is only meant for one person to operate and cannot carry another passenger. II ATVrsquo;s are again operated by one person but can also carry a passenger, which will have a seat that is designated directly behind the driver.

Another thing about ATVrsquo;S is that they are not all one standard size, just like bicycles each person should have an ATV that fits their size and age, which is why there are models for youths. So now you know what an ATV is you can see why we advise you to make sure that you know exactly which package you need to order for your particular ATV sound. Each one of our packages is designed for each different type of ATV and because not all ATVrsquo;s are the same neither are our packages. We have seven of them for you to choose from and they are all waterproof and made of exceptional quality materials and they produce quality ATV sound. But before you even decide which one of our packages is the one for you, you should read our disclaimer so you are aware of what exactly our ATV boxes are really meant to be used for. The ATV stereo is purely designed for the purpose of entertainment only.

The International Audio Corp cannot be held responsible for the product once it has been sold to the customer. If it is improperly used then again no one at the company is responsible. You must make sure that the ATV box is attached to your ATV correctly, so there can be no claim made for the death, injury or damage due to the equipment being incorrectly used.

At no time will anyone be held responsible for any the ATV being incorrectly fitted and so we advise you to have a reputable company fit the ATV for you or we can fit it for you. This information is correct at the time of publishing and this product must not be used for any other reason than what it is intended for. So as long as you use the ATV stereo for what it is intended for then you will find yourself having many years of wonderful music while you are using your ATV, and right there, all at your fingertips. Find more information relating to ATV Stereo, and ATV Boxes here.;pg=20201014;pg=20201014;pg=20201014

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