Most homeowners would prefer to pack household items that have a sentimental value by themselves. Even if you engage the services of a bra flyttfirma i Stockholm it is a good idea to plan and prepare for your move yourself to make settling in the new house easier and smoother. Also it will save you some valuable time and effort on the day of moving and thereafter. Ideally start packing by items that are out of season, or items that are infrequently used and save the items for last that you need till the day of moving. Here are some more useful tips that you may find valuable while packing your household goods:Give yourself time, plan, prioritize and donate, throw away stuff that you are unlikely to use. This is the most important aspect of moving as you can make your move significantly lighter if you plan and get rid of the excess baggage. There are items like books, toys and clothes that remain stacked in the closets for years.

Treat this as an opportunity to get your house de-cluttered. Use three boxes for every room one for the items that you are going to keep, one for the stuff that you are going to throw and one for the items that you wish to donate. As you move on with each closet, cupboard and drawer segregate the items in the respective boxes.Box basics: If you have decided to pack some of the goods yourself you may want to consider buying good quality, professional moving boxes or cartons for packaging your expensive items. These are available in various shapes and sizes that are suited for securely packing household items in the process of moving.Pack Heavy -pack light: Pack one room at a time, label the boxes as specifically as you can. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.Care has to be taken while wrapping delicate items like photo frames, mirrors however preferably use clean, unprinted bundles of paper specially designed for packing.

Use colored paper to pack for tiny delicate items that might get lost in the carton. Wrap items like china, crystal and other delicate, fragile items with newspaper with multiple layers so that they are protected from breakage and scratches.Do not forget to empty your drawers of spillages and sharp, pointed items that are likely to damage other items while transit.Important Documents: There are important documents like financial papers, bank and insurance documents, legal documents like passport, medical papers, expensive jewelry that has to be carefully packed and carried personally by you to the new place.9. Packing appliancesmdash;handle with care: Electronic appliances might need to be unplugged or disconnected before these are packed. Most homeowners will leave this type of packing to a professional flyttfouml;retag i Stockholm to avoid damages or accidents resulting from packing done by untrained people.

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