Removalists Perth Pro Help For Packing CandlesCandles can be a fantastic way to change the mood of your room. From candle light dinners to relaxing scented candles, itrsquo;s no surprise that most of us have acquired a collection of candles in our homes. However, this can present a problem when it comes time to move home. Fortunately, as we have some removalists Perth pro tips to help you keep your handles safe during your home move.

Organise All Your CandlesDepending on the type and quality of candles, packing them can be a time consuming task. So, an excellent first step is to organise all your candles. Sort them by type and size, so you can group your candles together and get a clearer idea of what packing supplies yoursquo;ll need for this task.Wrap Each Candle IndividuallyNext, use packing paper to wrap each candle individually. This will provide a layer of protection during transit. Most candles are easy to wrap; you simply need to lay packing paper down on a table or flat surface and roll your candle up in the paper. Ensure that it is tightly wrapped and use a little sticky tape on the side, top, and bottom to keep it in place.Protect Candles in Your Glass ContainersWhen you have candles in glass containers, they will need additional protection. Glass can be very vulnerable during moving, and you donrsquo;t want to risk injuries caused by broken glass when yoursquo;re unpacking. So, use bubble wrap to roll around the candle and container before sealing it.

For particularly delicate or expensive candles, apply a second layer of bubble wrap for additional protection.Pack Your BoxesOnce you have all your candles protected, you can move on to the packing boxes. Choose a sturdy packing box and add packing paper to the bottom to cushion the base of the box.Start filling the box with the groups of candles, taking care not to overfill the box. Candles can be deceptively heavy, so it is better to have several smaller boxes, rather than creating one very heavy box.

Use layers of packing paper to cushion the candles, so you can stack several candles on top of each other inside the box. Try to avoid the candles directly touching, or there is a risk of damage, and always ensure that there is lots of paper around any candles in glass containers. Use packing paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts to fill any remaining space in the top of the box, before you seal it and label it clearly. Make sure to mark the box as delicate. Although it may be more substantial than some of your other boxes, you donrsquo;t want to risk any heavier boxes being placed on top in the moving truck.If yoursquo;re looking for removalists in Perth, you can rely on us. The Emmanuel Transport team members are experienced Perth removalists, and we are ready to answer any of your queries or questions. So, when you need removalists, Perth home and business owners can rely on us.;pg=20200922

Removalists Perth Pro Help For Packing CandlesCandles can be a fantastic way to change the mood of y

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